Composite bonding has become very popular in recent years.

This is not a new treatment – we have nearly 20 years of experience with using composite bonding to modify the appearance of teeth to enhance them cosmetically, and Dr Jasmine Piran has lectured many hundreds of other dentists both nationally within the UK and also internationally in the USA on composite bonding methods.

You can improve the shape, size, colour or length of your teeth with direct composite resin bonding. This is generally a more conservative way of improving your smile than porcelain veneers.

Usually, you will start with a course of teeth whitening treatment in order to get your teeth to the best colour possible naturally. The composite resin material is then bonded to the edges of teeth to rebuild any worn areas or adapt the natural shapes of teeth.

Composite bonding tends to work best for people with good natural tooth colour and size but with single factors that require improvement – such as small lateral incisor teeth or tooth edge wear.

Composite bonding can be used to achieve various different effects:

  • Repair worn edges.
  • Modification of tooth shapes to create squarer/ rounder teeth edges.
  • Closure of gaps between teeth.
  • Increase tooth sizes.
  • Lengthening of teeth.
  • Brightening of teeth.

Often people find they are unsure of whether they should choose porcelain veneers or composite bonding. In these cases, we can help you by showing you what degree of improvement is achievable for you with each of the options.

Designing your smile

We work with you to understand exactly what you are hoping for with your new smile. We analyse your face closely, so your new teeth will fit harmoniously within your face in terms of smiling, chewing and speaking, your face and smile centre lines, your bite level, your gum line and tooth shapes. We used 3D scanning and clinical photography to design your smile and create a 3D trial smile mock-up of our proposed smile design for you so that you can try out the design and see how this will look and feel before proceeding with the final restorations.

Is composite bonding damaging to the teeth?

We will always be as minimally invasive as possible to preserve the natural health and tissues of your teeth. Composite bonding is traditionally a more conservative method than placing porcelain veneers, but whichever method you choose for your smile, we will always take every step possible to be minimally invasive in our techniques.

How to maintain your composite bonding

It is important that you brush and floss around your composite bonding every day to keep your gums healthy and prevent tooth decay around your teeth. You should also attend professional hygiene treatments every 3 months, and if you are given a protective nightguard, you should wear this every night. Composite bonding can discolour or stain over time, and areas of natural tooth wear may chip again with regular use. Composite bonding can be polished and repaired whenever required.

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